Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.

Baby Boomer®


  • Anti-Clipping Circuit For High Level Undistorted Bass!
  • High Quality, High Power Class A/B Amplifier
  • Butyl Rubber Surround Provides Excellent Cone Control and Exceptional Durability
  • Auto On/Off circuit with LED indicator
  • Bipole Configuration for Maximum Bass in Minimum Space!
  • Gold plated binding posts for a high quality and secure connection
  • Includes 10' High Quality Gold Plated Interconnect Cable
  • Line Level Inputs
  • Phase & Crossover Bypass Switches
  • Satellite Speaker Crossover: First Order @ 80 Hz
  • Solid Brass Isolation Cones
  • Speaker Level Inputs & Outputs
  • Variable Crossover 50-150 Hz
  • Volume Control
  • Designed in the USA
  • 2 Year Transferable Limited Warranty On Amplifier
  • 7 Year Transferable Limited Warranty On parts & labor for the rest of the subwoofer

System Type: Acoustic Suspension

Component Drivers:  Dual 8" fibercone woofers with rubber surrounds, 2" voice coils and 40 ounce magnets 

Subwoofer Low End Frequency Response: 23 Hz

Variable Subwoofer Low Pass Filter: 50 - 150 Hz

Optional Satellite Speaker Crossover: First Order @ 80 Hz

System Power: 600 Watts

Dimensions: 11 1/4" Wide x 10" High x 11 3/8" Deep (with Amp & Grilles) 

Finish: Premium Black Woodgrain Vinyl

Weight: 30 lbs. each

The Big Woofer Sound in the Small Woofer Box SM

Our Baby Boomer® subwoofer delivers awesome, room-filling, deep, accurate bass from an incredibly tiny 9 7/8" cube. Dual heavy-duty 8" subwoofers are arranged in a bipole configuration achieving the bass response of a 12" woofer from only a 10" cabinet!

Powered by our own 600 Watt amplifier, the Baby Boomer will outperform most "coffee table" sized subwoofers. 

Our subwoofers deliver awesome, room-filling, deep, accurate bass from incredibly tiny cubes. These Sub-Compact Powered Subwoofers employ high powered amplifiers and driving dual active woofers arranged in a bipole configuration.

  Home Theater Magazine
I would sum up the Pinnacle Baby Boomer by saying it's a lot like James Bond--It kicks ass in a civilized manner."

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  The BIG Picture
“…the Pinnacle Speakers…exceeded any expectations I might have hoped for…”
“The sound field remained faithful, uncolored and spacious…”

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..this sub sounds incredible. The Baby Boomer rocks the house even at moderate volume levels and is still very tight, fast, and goes lower than I ever imagined.. It's also small enough & attractive enough that my wife didn't even complain when I added it to the living room decor. - Dave Sennott

Great things come in small packages! This subwoofer hits low and clean. It's fast, accurate and unlike a typical ported subwoofer, IT'S MUSICAL!!! It's amazing how much clean bass this puppy produces. There's nothing quite like it at the price. - William Pappas

The sound is great and I am very happy with the performance - Peter Suomala

...fantastic sub. - Bob Roberts

Great price, amazing sub! - Robin Stadlmeir

Excellent sub. - Stanley Wolf

Great product, large sound from such a tiny box, will buy another! - Roy Gunter

…this really is an amazing sub – and NOT just for its size, I mean great sub period. - Don

I love my Baby Boomer! - Sarah Trent

Awesome sub! - Michael Harper

..badass tiny sub! - John C.

Nice little subwoofer! - Gregory M.

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