Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.

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"A piano-lacquer finish... so well executed... with sensuously rounded edges and corners... the Pinnacles shone with a versatile, snappy, powerful presentation.. The Black Diamonds are jewels...I warmly recommend these speakers to anyone."

The Black Diamond Series II is a stunning collection of contemporary Home Theater / Audio speakers by Pinnacle. These speakers are sophisticated, stylish and accurate audio reproduction instruments.


Black Diamond is our moniker for a stunning new collection of contemporary Audio/Home Theater speakers. Sophisticated, stylish and accurate audio reproduction instruments, Pinnacle’s Black Diamonds are encased in a lavish piano gloss finished cabinet. These beautiful speakers require 40 meticulous procedures and processes to attain their highly refined appearance. In fact, it takes a full week to produce each cabinet. Nine stages of coatings and polishing treatments culminate in an heirloom grade exterior that’s certain to enhance any home décor.

But just because they look terrific, let’s not forget their impressive sonic attributes! Carefully chosen driver components meld through Pinnacle’s expertly crafted crossover networks. The resultant sound is smooth, powerful and spacious.


Pinnacle’s Black Diamond Series is also notable for unique application of its specialized drive elements. A highly refined silk dome tweeter is common to all models. It features a modified domed horn (dhorm) loading for efficient reproduction of the most sensitive nuances of the program.

Powered by an ultra-compact neodymium (rare earth) magnet, the tweeter is encased in the cabinet by a precision pressure fit mounting system for a neat, clean look. Combined with a magnetic liquid filled gap and incorporating resonance suppression circuitry, the tweeter’s performance is as exemplary as it is exhilarating.


The die cast phase plug is the most striking visual feature of the Black Diamond Series 4" & 5.25" drivers. The Die Cast Phase Plug improves the crossover function by suppressing upper harmonic resonance nodes. The phase plug creates an attractive “bullet like” appearance on the drivers. This selective frequency moderator functions mechanically and its precise operation is geared to the streamlined form of the solid casting.


The phase plug midrange drivers are sealed off from the rest of the system, enclosed in their own isolation chamber. This enclosure enables the driver to extend its output level while maintaining a high degree of clarity. 


LCR & Rear Channel

BD 100 (Satellite)

BD 200 (LCR)

BD 300 II (Center)

BD 500 II (Bookshelf)

BD 600 II (Center)
BD 700 II (Center)

 BD 650 II (Bookshelf)

BD 750 II (Bookshelf)

BD 1100 (Tower)

BD 2000 II (Tower) 
BD 2500 PLB (Tower)

Powered Subwoofers

Sonic 500


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