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How Home Theater Works

Home Theater allows you to experience all of the excitement of a good movie theater, right in your own home. A properly setup Home Theater will create a 360 soundfield placing you right in the center of the action. A Home Theater isn't just for movies. Most TV programs are now broadcast in Dolby Digital so their soundtracks are just as engaging as modern film soundtracks. 

Required Equipment:

Signal Source:

  • Blu-ray or DVD Player, Cable or Satellite Dish or Digital antenna/tuner, Streaming Video Device, Hi-Fi VHS

Home Theater Amplifier / Receiver:

  • There are many available Home Theater receivers.  Currently the most prevalent configuration is known as "5.1" (5 speakers, 1 subwoofer) but there are many "7.1" systems as well (7.1 systems add 2 rear 'side' speakers to the standard 5.1 setup).  An amplifier with continuous output power ratings at both 4 and 8 Ohms (of at least 60 Watts), with a frequency response bandwidth of 20-20 kHz and a THD rating of less than 0.1% is much preferred as it is a strong indication of a robust power supply.  Such an amplifier will ensure that your Pinnacle Speakers perform to their utmost potential.  There are many satisfactory models made by Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer, Adcom, B&K, Rotel and others.


  • 1 pair of Main Channel speakers (Front Left & Right)
  • 1 Center Channel speaker (Front Center)
  • 1 pair of Surround speakers (Rear Left & Right) - or 2 pair for a 7.1 Home Theater system!
  • 1 Powered Subwoofer

Our Main (left & right) speakers create the wide audio image to blend with the visual panorama. They enable the audio to move to the left and right with the image on the screen creating a broad, full 2-dimensional soundstage. 

The purpose of our Center Channel speakers is to literally 'center the voices' at the TV screen. Our multiple driver configurations allow for very high volume levels with very low distortion. More importantly, the multiple driver configuration creates a broad horizontal dispersion pattern. The larger a TV screen becomes, the important it is that the sound appears to come from the entire screen. A small speaker on top of a big screen can create an easily discernible "point source" which is distinguishable as being different in scale than that of the picture. A broader soundfield blends more realistically with a larger screen.

An alternative to separate Main & Center Channel speakers is a tri-channel (3 channel) Speaker Bar which has the front Left, Center & Right channel speakers built-in.

Our Surround speakers produce the ambient information to envelop you creating the 'you are there' sensation. Ambient information generally includes reflections, reverberations and echoes that your ears use to differentiate one environment from another (small room, stadium, outdoors, etc.). This additional reverberant information is the key in creating a full 3-dimensional auditory environment.

Our Powered Subwoofers fill in the bottom octaves making everything from music and effects to explosions as realistic as if you were there.  Many Home Theater listeners prefer the stereo effect of two subwoofers.


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