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Quantum/SubSonic System

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  • 5 Quantum Satellites
  • SubSonic Subwoofer
  • Wires and Interconnects

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"What blew me away was the tight, nearly seamless integration of the Quantums and the SubSonic...The Quantums were virtually free of cabinet resonance and coloration...the Pinnacles kick butt and kick it real one else comes close...If you want small, wall mountable satellites, as well as excellent tonal balance and highly musical bass from a sub that's half the size of a seated cat, the Pinnacle Quantum/SubSonic system is precisely what you've been looking for. It's arguably the best set of mini-satellites and the deepest voiced baby sub sold today."

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“The Quantum Satellites performed very well, providing smooth tones that didn't break up in the slightest.”

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A Marriage of Visual Artistry and Performance

Our incredible Quantum/SubSonic System redefines state-of-the-art in satellite/subwoofer systems. It features 5 of our solid die cast aluminum Quantum Satellites and our SubSonic, the World's Smallest Real Powered SubwooferTM. This system looks as great as it sounds!

Our Quantum satellite music/home theater package is so beautiful and dynamic that you can place it anywhere and everywhere...and so versatile that you can enjoy multiple systems in different rooms of your home. 

Combined with our SubSonic, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy deep authoritative and convincing sound from our incredibly tiny sub. Pinnacle's engineering marvel is a diminutive 7 7/8" cube that shatters the previous performance boundaries of microsized boxes. 

I recently purchased these speakers & they are absolutely FANTASTIC! - Matthew J. Marchese

Am I impressed? You bet. Your company makes a wonderful product. I like the size of the quantum speakers and the subsonic is perfect. I can turn up the volume and fill the house with wonderful music and it's clean, clear and crisp.'ve got a very happy customer who will be happy to boast of your speakers to others. - Steve Muzick

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