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Remote Control Setup Options

   If you would like to use a remote other then the included soundbar remote to control your system volume, please note the following:

  • If you connect your soundbar to the analog variable outputs from your TV (RCA or headphone), your current remote (TV or other) will control the overall soundbar/subwoofer system volume level.

  • You can program the Speaker to work with your TV (or other) remote using its built-in Remote Learning function.  Please refer to Point #8 in the Connections & Settings section of the Owner's Manual.

  • If you have a learning remote (the type that can learn directly from another remote) check to see if it can learn from the soundbar remote.

  • We have submitted our soundbar remote codes to the majority of programmable remote manufacturers.  Not all have responded.  A list of programmable remotes that work with our soundbar are listed below. 

Brand: Code(s): Remotes:
Dish Network / Echostar 3774 "We will update the IR database for our newest Hopper/Joey STBs and associated 40.0 remote controls later in 2013; the database is updated via a download from satellite. Soundbar products are listed in the "Audio Accessory" category for AUX devices."
GE / Jasco 1656 "Implementation into following remote models will happen around Q2-Q3 2014: 24911, 24912, 24914, 24116, 24922, 24927, 24929, 24944, 24965, 24991, 24993, 25002, 25003, 25004, 25006, 25007, 25008, 25020, 25021."
Logitech Harmony   "Connect any Harmony remote to computer through USB. Go to, create an account, enter product type (amplifier), manufacturer (Pinnacle Speakers) & model #."
Universal Remote Control 1646 2013-10-01: "engineering is working to release this code to the public soon"
WinLirc Download cfg file here  

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