Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.

SubSonix 5.0 TP -  Premium 5.0 Theater System

List Price: $499

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The SubSonix 5.0 TP System is comprised of:

(4) 3" 2-way Satellites (Front & Rear Channels)

(1) 3 Element, 3" 2-way (Center Channel)

Special Features:

  • Audiophile-quality 5 speaker Home Theater System
  • Automatic protection to prevent overload
  • Curved sidewall construction cabinetry with premium black woodgrain vinyl
  • 1/4-20 threaded inserts allow for pivot bracket mounting
  • Butyl rubber surrounds provides excellent cone control and exceptional durability
  • Gold plated binding posts for a high quality and secure connection
  • Video shielding allows placement near TV without interference
  • 7 year limited transferable warranty on parts and labor

Pinnacle's SubSonix 5.0 TP is an audiophile-quality sonically matched 5 speaker Home Theater System. It is comprised of one premium 3-Element Center Channel speaker, and four premium 2-way satellite/LCR Speakers for front left, right and both rear channels.  The SubSonix 5.0 TP system is a perfect match with Pinnacle's SubSonix 10-200 powered subwoofer. All speakers include Pinnacle's own power protection circuitry to prevent overload. 

Designed in the USA: Family Owned and Operated for over 30 years, Pinnacle Speakers has been synonymous with superior performance and value and is relied upon by thousands of professional custom home installers as their speaker of choice. Pinnacle products have been installed in millions of households and now their tradition of excellence is available directly to you. All Pinnacle speakers are designed in their state-of-the-art research facility in Massachusetts and most Pinnacle products are assembled at their factory in New York.  Decades of Rave Reviews: Throughout the years Pinnacle speakers have been consistently recognized by the critical industry press for innovative designs, superior performance, build quality and great consumer value regardless of price point.


LOVE these speakers!!! - Brandon F.

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