Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.


Our Surround speakers produce the ambient information to envelop you creating the 'you are there' sensation. Ambient information generally includes reflections, reverberations and echoes that your ears use to differentiate one environment from another (small room, stadium, outdoors, etc.). This additional reverberant information is the key to creating a full 3 dimensional auditory environment. Due to the full range, stereo signal, in a Dolby Digital system the surround speakers play an even more important role in creating a life-like 360° soundfield.

Black Diamond Series
BD 100 Satellite
BD 200 LCR
BD 500 Series II Bookshelf
BD 650 Series II Bookshelf
BD 750 Series II Bookshelf
BD 1100 Slim-Line Tower
BD 2000 Series II Tower
BD 2500 PLB

S-FIT Series
S-FIT MON 450+


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