Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.


In choosing a balanced and well matched Home Theater system,  considerations such as room size, TV size, overall budget, and personal taste all have a role to play in determining which speakers will work best for you in your home.

Our Home Theater Systems give you a complete movie theater experience right in your living room. They deliver explosive performance, accuracy and detail from small footprint formats.

Pinnacle engineers utilize state-of-the-art crossover circuitry, assembled using premium components for pin-point accuracy, vivid performance and explosive bass. Specially reinforced cabinetry supresses internal vibrations to ensure distortion free sound at all listening levels.

Our Superlative designs deliver depth and multi-dimensional realism to your Home Theater experience. Just relax and immerse yourself in your favorite movies or music at home.

PINNACLE® offers a variety of exceptional Home Theater Systems. Make your selection depending upon your TV size & overall budget.

Front Row Series - Powered


Theater One Series - Powered

T1 WRLS SYS 4500
Theater One 2.1 

Microburst Systems

5.1 Speaker Packages:
MB 6000
MB 8000
MB 10000
MB 9500+
MB 10000+
MB 11500+

7.1 Speaker Packages:
MB 11700


S-FIT Series

5.1 Speaker Packages:
S-FIT SYS 6000
S-FIT SYS 7500

SubSonix Series

Bar None 32-510
SubSonix 5.0 TP

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