Pinnacle Speakers, a unique family owned and operated business since 1976, designs and manufactures speakers famous for their sterling sound. Our products combine superior technologies with artistic expertise, supported by extended warranties, the longest of any major speaker brand. We are proud to provide a personal service philosophy that's unprecedented in these times, and in this highly automated world.

World Class Engineering


PINNACLE woofers are highly specialized bass reproducing instruments. We choose from a wide variety of available magnet, basket and diaphragm materials. Our engineers thoughtfully combine custom tailored surrounds, pleated spiders and multi-layer voice coil assemblies to create woofers with unique capabilities. Because of our commitment to the highest design standards and our attention to subtle details such as flared vent pole pieces, high temperature former materials and specialized cone dampening compounds, you are assured of unsurpassed low frequency performance.

Our crossover networks, "the brains inside the box", reflect our commitment to using only the best possible materials and technologies. Our concerns with issues such as phase coherent circuitry, resonance compensation and impedance control all contribute to the exceptional performance of our products. Superior tweeter function is assured by our use of premium grade capacitors. Critical circuit sections are governed by metallized polyester film and polypropylene dielectrics. Gripping bass performance is maximized through the use of heavy gauge inductors, precision wound on air or massive steel cores. Our use of higher order, low Q, Linkwitz-Riley type crossovers improves power handling. Each model's crossover, therefore, is customized to satisfy very specific goals. This process ensures that every PINNACLE speaker fulfills its highest performance potential.

Total Product Approach

Our design efforts transcend the obvious. Incorporated throughout the PINNACLE family of products are many value added features that ensure a completely satisfying listening experience. Many of these user friendly features would typically be offered only at much higher cost, if at all. The example pictured is of our Solid Brass Isolation Cones™. We include this valuable feature, which enhances bass clarity, as standard equipment on selected speakers. You'll also find other special refinements such as our gold plated biwireable binding post connectors, internally braced cabinets, non-skid rubber feet, and video shielding to name just a few. Each model sports features best chosen to fit the product's various applications. This total product approach is our signature of completeness to the PINNACLE family of speakers. 
Pinnacle's research and development team use a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the well trained ear. All of our design engineers are musicians as well as trained audio scientists. The most valuable analytical tools that we have at our disposal are the ears of people who not only have an understanding of what good sound is but also a passion for the excellence of sound. All of our speaker designs must pass a rigorous series of tests to not only prove that they will stand the test of time but also, and more importantly, that they will reproduce, with the utmost quality of sound, a wide variety of material. This is why every speaker design is not only measured, tested, and tortured by being put through many quantitative analyses but also is personally auditioned using various musical and Home Theater tracks by all members of the design team. We stand by our designs with the longest warranty in the industry. You can rest assured that when you buy a Pinnacle Speaker you will be getting the best quality and value for your investment.

Pinnacle Solutions

The Pinnacle design team has over these many years, endeavored to find ways to make the best better using innovative and creative technical solutions.  Some of these solutions are listed below:

Wireless Subwoofer
Quantum Tweeter
Compound Compression Sub
Fatboy Surround
Low Profile WAFR In Wall
  • Our space saving Powered Soundbar Systems easily connect directly to your TV & incorporate advanced features like digital signal processing, digital inputs, remote learning and built-in or wireless subwoofer.

  • Using a cathodic arc impregnation process, the Titanium tweeters used throughout our Quantum & Wafer speaker lines have a very thin layer of diamond deposited on their domes to enable the high tensile strength, while retaining the light mass, needed for crisp undistorted high frequency output.

  • By pairing specially designed amplifiers with high power woofers we have created several lines of powered subwoofers that are relatively small yet have surprisingly high bass output levels.

  • Neodymium magnets enable an articulate & detailed response without taking up the space required by conventional magnets enabling smaller, high output designs.

  • Our Compound Compression Subwoofers achieve low bass output in a cabinet just 1/2 the size normally required.

  • Our Tongue & Groove cabinet construction ensures solid and stable non-resonant enclosures that can withstand the continuous vibrations of the speaker elements.

  • Our Bipole Subwoofers use two opposing woofers, specially aligned with the amplifier, to reproduce levels of very low frequencies that would be nearly impossible to reproduce in a single woofer system.

  • Split-shelving crossover networks enable woofers to focus strictly on low frequency performance and produce great bass power.

  • Curved cabinetry and non-parallel wall cabinet construction aid in making extremely strong non-resonant enclosures.

  • In multiple driver systems our specially designed crossovers minimize the effects of lobing and comb filtering and ensure a smooth frequency response.

  • For their excellent stiffness-to-mass ratio, many of our in-wall & in-ceiling speakers use special Kevlar cone woofers for superior stability and outstanding detail at all power levels.

  • Our Black Rhino line of powered subwoofers takes advantage of a high efficiency Digital amplifier in conjunction with a very powerful motor structure on the active 'fatboy surround' woofer and a specially coupled & weighted passive radiator to enable production of enormous amounts of earthshaking bass.

  • The high mass of our Isolation Cones minimizes low frequency transmission to the floor maximizing low frequency transmission to the listener.

  • Our in-wall & in-ceiling speakers all feature pivoting tweeters enabling the listener to direct the sound to their listening area.

  • Our SLIMsub 66 was designed to be placed on a shelf or floor, flush wall mounted horizontally or vertically, pivot bracket mounted in any orientation, or placed under or behind your sofa, table or chair!  Our PIN AMP 800 amplifier was designed to drive one, two (for a "wall of bass") or even four SLIMsubs (two in the front, two in the rear) for a unique & enveloping surround subwoofer system.

  • Our Patented “Diaduct” technology allows for lower & louder bass output from our vented speaker designs like the current S-FIT MON 450+ and Theater One 2.1.

  • Our Pinnacle Pyramids, Classic Gold Surrounds & Patented Corner Subs take advantage of existing room geometry to enhance both the bass output & the projection of sound into the room.

  • Our unique OC-HT1 speaker enables: Flush Ceiling, Flush Wall Mount, or Inverted Wall Mount options.


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